Brenden F.

  • New Jersey

What does America mean to you?

By Brenden F.
Cinnaminson, New Jersey

America is often dubbed the home of the free and the land of the brave, but what does it actually mean to me? To me, it is my home, my morals, and my life. I was born here and have rarely left. It is pretty much all I know.

My background is very diverse, and it reflects the diversity of the American public. My mothers father immigrated from India to provide his family with the best opportunities possible and my fathers great-grandparents immigrated from Italy and Poland. This mix of ethnic backgrounds is very similar to that of the diversity of the Quaker regions of our early country, the later cities, and the entire country today. By encompassing the term America around its diversity, I can proudly say that I am American, and it means that I come from all over the world.

Coming from the most powerful nation in the world means a lot to me. It gives me confidence in my abilities and safety. It also provides me with a sense of pride. When I compare my situation to that of others in different countries, because America is so prominent and prosperous, I am glad to live in this country.

America also has such a rich history and learning about it over the past two years in its entirety has given me much more appreciation for the things we take for granted now. I am able to see how although we started our country as a free nation, much progress had to be made to achieve this and unfortunately, this is not even a reality. This inspires me to try and cause some change to get closer to our nations true morality and achieve ultimate freedom, success, and diversity.