Camden S.

  • Maryland

What does America mean to you?

By Camden S.
Fallston, Maryland


America the beautiful. America the free.

America is turning two-hundred and fifty.

i know a land of growth, a melting pot.

My grandfather served, so to me it means a lot.

i heard stories of pain and joy, a tale the fallen tell.

i could see the past in his eyes, he knew those people well.

he picked a path that all could see.

what do i choose; what about me?

i dream of earning my degree in education.

teaching kids, i want to impact the population.

you have rights, your voice and prayer.

once upon a time that was unfair.

you dont have to be a mom, a nurse, or a trophy wife.

instead a lawyer, doctor, or judge; choose your own life.

i see the flag, flying high and true;

a symbol of hope, waving red, white, and blue.

the stars and stripes forever in sight,

America is strong throughout the fight.

i travel the states, visit the coasts.

this is my home, though it isnt for most.

from sea to sea, we all have a place.

our neighbors arent so lucky, they get judged for their race.

needless to say, we have a long way to go;

but we cannot forget those that we owe.

i love our soldiers and all those who fight.

also our communities and people. right?

your skin is lighter than mine, but we all have goals.

we act on dreams, together we break normal roles.

America the beautiful.

America the free.

America means everything to me.