Sayed Ali H.

  • Oregon

What does America mean to you?

By Sayed Ali H.
Beaverton, Oregon

I believe that for most people that America to them means the American dream.

What the American dream is that It’s a really old idea that’s been a big deal in the United States. It’s all about this belief that if you put in a ton of hard work and never ever give up on your dreams, you can make your dreams happen, no matter where you start even if that’s homeless. The American Dream is as if chasing after happiness and having this idea that if you work super hard, stay determined, and never give up, you can achieve success. It’s the thought that makes you believe you’ve got endless opportunities and you can shape your own future. Not just that, you can make a better life, not just for yourself but also for your family,and this means a lot to the immigrants that come to the USA looking for a better life. Immigrants have been all over this idea for centuries inspiring to them whether they’ve just moved here or were born in the U.S.

It’s all about hoping for a brighter future, no matter where you come from. I came here from Afghanistan after my dad did. My parents came here for me to have a better chance at being successful. To me, America means opportunity. It means having a chance to make something of yourself. To set your family up for success and to live a better life.

When we first came here my parents weren’t in the best situation. They were brand new Afghan immigrants that didn’t really have much. I lived in afghanistan for a big part of my life and have visited multiple time. I have seen the difference in opportunities people have there compared to the usa. Most people in Afghanistan can not go to school there whether that’s because of money or time. Most people there are destined to become beggars or shop owners struggling to make ends meet. Most kids start helping their families make money as soon as they are able to walk, whether that’s by begging or picking up trash and metal for barely any money. They could never dream of going to school and becoming doctors, or electricians, or teachers. However in the usa the the opportunities are endless. Almost every single child can go to school. Most don’t struggle to make ends meet. Nor do they wonder whether they will be going to have dinner that night or a place to sleep. They don’t have to work as soon as they take their first steps. They have the opportunity to become a doctor or to become a teacher. There is also the case of women being able to go to school.

In afghanistan a women can not go outside her house alone without a male chaperone let alone going to school. They are not allowed to go to secondarie school or byond. They are also not allowed to work and are supposed to stay in the house most of them day cooking and cleaning for the house. In The usa women are allowed to do such things. They are allowed to go outside by them selfs, they can go to school, they can get a education, and they can get a job.

This is really important to me because I have two amazing smart sisters who are capabel of doing much more then I can. It would be horrible if they were not able to go to school or get a job. That why america to be is a opportunity but not just a opportunity to go to school or get a job but rather the opportunity to live like a human being.