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Parks, Preservation & Public Spaces

Parks, Preservation & Public Spaces Advisory Council

The Parks, Preservation & Public Spaces Advisory Council supports the Foundation’s priority to preserve and make ready the places where our collective and individual American stories unfold. Intended to support parks, historic properties, and battlefields at both national and state levels, and shaped by classic preservation guidance and oversight, this Advisory Council will inform America250 dialogue and programs to preserve and promote the irreplaceable legacy of our built and natural environment.

*The listed organization, institution, or company is not affiliated with America250.
**The member is serving in their individual capacity and not as a representative of their organization.
***The member is serving as an official organizational representative as part of the national partnership agreement between America250 and their respective organization. 


Chief Policy and Communications Officer, American Battlefield Trust

Senior Director for Cultural Resources, National Parks Conservation Association*


Dieter Fenkart-Froeschl**

Chief Operating Officer, National Park Foundation*

Valerie Grussing**

Executive Director, National Association of Tribal Historic Preservation Officers*

Katherine Malone**

Chief Preservation Officer, National Trust for Historic Preservation*

Ed Price**

President, Trails Access Project*

Cathy Ritter**

Founder & CEO, Better Destinations LLC*

Robert Rosenbaum**


Marie Salerno**

Founding President & CEO, National Parks of New York Harbor Conservancy*

Robert Stanton**

15th Director (Retired), National Park Service*

Jordan Tannenbaum**

Vice Chairman, Advisory Council on Historic Preservation*