Austin Weatherford

Executive Director

Austin Weatherford brings his extensive background in public affairs leadership to his role as Executive Director of America250. A native of Texas, Austin spent 18 years serving the U.S. Congress in multiple capacities, including a decade as Chief of Staff.

Austin’s strategic insight and passion for public service were pivotal in the creation and development of a nationwide movement built to encourage solution-focused politics among our leaders. His understanding of the intricate workings of government, combined with his dedication to fostering collaboration and dialogue, are instrumental in his leadership at America250.

As Executive Director, Austin is committed to commemorating America’s 250th anniversary in a way that reflects the diverse histories, cultures, and aspirations of all Americans. He envisions America250 as a catalyst to embrace our shared values, fostering an understanding and appreciation of our collective journey as a nation.

With his unwavering commitment to the American spirit of resilience and unity, Austin is poised to lead America250 into an inclusive, vibrant celebration of our nation and its people that inspires generations to come.



Join all Americans and share your story about your history and your hopes and dreams for the future of our country. Together, we will tell the American story through videos and the most inclusive commemoration in our history.