Camdyn M.

  • 11th Grade
  • Alabama

What does America mean to you?

By Camdyn M.
Chelsea, Alabama

America Through My Eyes

America is a great country. It’s filled with opportunities, diverse groups of people, and freedom to do whatever you put your mind to. The best place to be is in the USA.

That’s what I was told for the first 10 years of my life. You couldn’t do any better than the United States. And while I do agree that America is a wonderful place to live, I can’t say that the opportunities here are available to everyone.

As a young black girl, America is full of contradictions. It’s filled with opportunities and freedoms, but this is often sullied with oppression and injustice. My country is an amazing place but it’s also extremely flawed.

America has always been filled with dreams and opportunities, and I’ve seen all types of people achieve them, no matter their race, background, or gender. Living in America has taught me that I can accomplish any goal, fulfill any aspiration, and achieve any dream that I set my mind to. America’s success stories are an inspiration, and they fill me with hope for the future.

However, there is a long history of racial and gender oppression in the United States. And as far as this country has come, I can’t ignore the glaringly obvious forms of discrimination here. Between police brutality, disparities in salaries between men and women, and the lack of funding for majority Black and Latino schools, the long history of bigotry in the US still pollutes the country in present day.

America is filled with flaws. But, isn’t that true for most wonderful things in life? Nothing in life is perfect, but there are many things worth fighting for; and America is one of them. And despite all of the horrible things that have happened in our country, there are always people advocating for a better future. That’s what makes America such an amazing place.

America to me means persistence. Overcoming obstacles that systematic oppression places in front of me. Appreciating the amazing things in our country, while also fighting for a better future for myself and the generations after me. America is a beautiful place filled with potential but there is still so much more that can be done to make it better.

America to me means hope. There are some instances where this country’s future seems very bleak. We cannot become discouraged. We must continue to see the promise that this country contains. Instead of allowing the negative events to weigh us down, we must continue to form positive experiences that encourage others and ourselves to move forward.

America means patience. The change that I aspire to see will not be immediate. But all good things in life are worth waiting for. Being steadfast in my advocacy for minority groups in the US, as well as surrounding myself with people whose beliefs are similar to mine, will result in some type of change, no matter how big or small.

America means a lot of things to me. It’s filled with amazing people and opportunities, as well as struggles and oppressions. But, as long as we continue to fight for a better future, America will continue to grow, and it will truly live up to its title as the greatest country on Earth.