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Nominate history’s unsung champions

The American story is woven from the unique and varied narratives of our people – from all backgrounds, communities, regions, cultures, genders, abilities, and more. Let’s tell and celebrate these stories.

Our American Story is an oral and visual storytelling project aimed at collecting and preserving our nation’s stories. This is your opportunity to nominate a living person – a friend, family member, neighbor, or community leader – whose story you think needs to be shared and preserved.

It could be someone in your life whose story resonates with you or has inspired you, but maybe isn’t widely known. It could be someone who has made a difference in your community – famous or unknown.

Select stories from each region of the country will be recorded, shared for everyone to enjoy, and archived at the Library of Congress, to cultivate a permanent record of the collective American story.

Every story is one worth sharing. Nominate history’s unsung champions today.

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Example: Michael Jordan is a Black American male, a former NBA player, and businessman. He grew up in North Carolina and went on to play for the Chicago Bulls, winning six championships and becoming a household name. He has been called the greatest basketball player of all time. He drove the popularity of Nike’s eponymous Air Jordans and was the focus of the Emmy Award-winning docuseries, The Last Dance.
Provide a detailed description of their story, why you think it is compelling, and why it should be collected and archived for all Americans to hear.
Example: Michael Jordan’s success, hard work, and perseverance can inspire all Americans. Despite hardships, including the tragic loss of his father, Michael committed his life to basketball and his career, while being a father.
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