Report to the President

In 2019, the Commission led a strategic planning process in coordination with partners, stakeholders, planners, thinkers, dreamers, and doers, resulting in an overall program for America250. This plan, Inspiring the American Spirit, was submitted to the President of the United States for review and transmission to Congress.

This is just the beginning of the ongoing nationwide collaboration necessary to bring America250 to life.

Please check back frequently in the coming months for updates on our planning process and how each and every American can participate. In the meantime, get involved by following us on social media and subscribing to our monthly newsletter. We want to hear from Americans across all walks to life — share your story!

Inspiring the American Spirit: Report to the President

A Five Year Update: Report to the President


Reports to Congress

Pursuant to Public Law 114-196, Section 9(d), the U.S. Semiquincentennial Commission is required annually through December 31, 2027 to “submit to Congress a report of the activities of the Commission.”  The annual reports from 2020 forward are available below by clicking on the appropriate date.

2020 Annual Report to Congress

2022 Annual Report to Congress

2023 Annual Report to Congress

Other Reports

Response to S. Rpt. 118-83 Language 12/08/23


Financial Reports

FY19 IRS Form 990- Public Inspection Copy

FY20 IRS Form 990- Public Inspection Copy

FY21 IRS Form 990- Public Inspection Copy

FY22 IRS Form 990- Public Inspection Copy

FY23 IRS Form 990- Public Inspection Copy