Melody T.

  • Maryland

What does America mean to you?

By Melody T.
Aberdeen, Maryland

What America Means to Me

For me America means opportunity and freedoms. I think about the opportunity and freedoms I am given specifically as a woman. America has given me the opportunity to get an education that women in other countries may not necessarily have or pursue. In the future I will be given the freedom to achieve my life goals by getting a job and voting.

America has given me the opportunity to an education and that is important to me because I know not all women around the world are given that opportunity. 130 million girls around the world are denied the right to an education. Not every country has the same educational standards for women like America does. Me having one is not just an opportunity but a human right. I will always be grateful to have access to an education because it will make my future stable and successful.

America has given me the freedom to get a job and vote. Having the freedom to work and vote is important because I know some women are not allowed to work or have their voices heard. In certain countries women have the right to vote, but, due to harassment, societal norms, and violence, they are prevented from exercising it. 178 countries have laws that stop women from having jobs, and that’s causing 2.4 billion women from joining the work force. The right to vote and get a job is a freedom that I am entitled to and grateful for since many women around the world do not have these options.

In the U.S., women’s rights have come a long way; however, we are still falling behind other countries when it comes to womens healthcare. Taiwan, Latvia, Austria, Denmark, and Estonia, all provide better healthcare for maternity and infant care, cancer outcomes, access to care, and more. In the future, improving healthcare for women can reshape this country by giving all women a chance to better their health and wellbeing. The United States is ranked 30 out of 142 countries for women’s healthcare. Although we are still in the top 20%, we should work towards to being ranked higher since more than half of Americans are women. It is my hope that this ranking will improve so women in this country, including me, will have better healthcare.

For me America means giving women the opportunity and freedoms to have an education, the right to vote, and a job because I know America recognizes all women as humans, and I am appreciative for the rights and equal opportunities I have. As America evolves into a stronger country, I hope women’s healthcare will continue to be upgraded and more in line with the countries who are ahead of us. If I look at Americas past, I can see how we have grown as a country, and we will continue to change for the better.