On September 30, 2020, the United States Semiquincentennial Commission and the America250 Foundation facilitated a virtual listening session exploring the question:

How can we maximize the tourism potential of America250 while engaging all Americans, each American, and friends of America with the celebration’s vision?

After providing a brief introduction to the Commission’s vision for America250 and its emerging approach as it pertains to tourism, the session engaged seven tourism leaders  from federal and state agencies, industry nonprofits, and growing, but often overlooked, market segments. The panel explored various opportunities and challenges presented by America250 ranging from the potential for this nationwide project to support the resumption of travel and tourism as we move beyond the pandemic in the next several years to how tourism might provide both economic benefits and support America250’s goals. To watch a video of the listening session, visit America250’s YouTube channel. For responses to comments and questions raised by the webinar attendees, click here. Have feedback on the topics raised in the listening session? Share your thoughts with us at [email protected].