Mya F.

  • 11th Grade
  • North Carolina

What does America mean to you?

By Mya F.
Raleigh, North Carolina

What does America mean to me?

To me, America is the history of our people

A place where no one is feeble,

Where we come together

Like the petals of a heather.

We were founded by the fathers,

To escape the bothers-

Of a corrupted king.

A king who stood tall-

And knew it all.

We wanted freedom,

And he would say I dont see them.

A house built on equality,

Stands taller than a king,

A king in which liberty he would never bring.

Our country is a spark

One that lights the dark-

And paves a way to democracy.

If only that King could have seen,

What we could be, without he!

1776 is the year you cannot miss,

A year that will not be dismissed.

July 4th: a day where bells sounded,

And we all were unbounded and founded.

We are not British,We are American.

Like Whitman, a man in which free verse he would cling,

I can also hear America sing.

I hear a song with a mellow undertone-

One in which has content baritones.

Founded on the idea that we are all equal,

An idea that is rather gleeful.

When I think about being American,

I know that they will see me again.

I can do great things, be myself.

This country is built on a dream,

A dream that is imprinted in our bloodstream.

That we are free-A democracy, a team.

Individual, but together.

Im not you and youre not me,

But as Americans and as people,

We stand together, tall as a steeple.

To me, America is us.

To me, America is the idea that started it all,

An idea, a dream of equality and justice.

Its a star in the sky, a candle in a dark room.

Something different, a flower in a field of dead grass.

Our Lady Liberty flower grows taller and taller,

To go, or aller,Isnt a problem.

Connected by stems at the root,

And so it doesnt cause moot.

America means,

Nurturing the flower,

Letting the petals grow with the ideals of equality and justice,

That was created all so long ago.

The land of freedom, the land of liberty.

Something that nothing else ever could be.

America is us, America is we.

America is you and me.

It’s quite soothing to see the mist of being free.