Congratulations to the inaugural America250 Award recipients! Learn more about them.

Innovation, Science & Entrepreneurship

Innovation, Science & Entrepreneurship Advisory Council

Perhaps the most important legacy of America250 will be hope for America’s future. The Innovation, Science, and Entrepreneurship Advisory Council will engage our national expertise as we seek to shape, inform, and inspire another 250 years of American ingenuity.

*The listed organization, institution, or company is not affiliated with America250.
**The member is serving in their individual capacity and not as a representative of their organization.
***The member is serving as an official organizational representative as part of the national partnership agreement between America250 and their respective organization. 


President, National Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation*

Professor of Practice & Co-Founder, Arizona State University* and SciStarter


Dr. Vinton Cerf**

VP, Chief Internet Evangelist, Google*

Jill Johnson**

CEO, Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership*

Dean Kamen**

President, DEKA Research & Development* Corp.

Paul Laudicina**

Chairman Emeritus, Kearney*


Rachel Goslin

Director, Smithsonian Arts and Industries Building