Washington, D.C. –  America250, the official nonpartisan entity charged by Congress with planning the 250th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, today announced its inaugural National Resource Partners — a select group of expert nonpartisan, nonprofit organizations that will help elevate and scale America250 programming. National Resource Partners will serve as an extension of America250, convening and activating other organizations in their respective fields in a coordinated, unified effort to build up to the 250th.

Each National Resource Partner will serve as the sole representative for their focus area and was chosen for having the subject-matter expertise and expansive reach to help scale and execute America250 programming in the lead-up to July 4th, 2026. The official America250 National Resource Partners and their respective focus areas are:

  • Meridian International Center – International Relations
  • National Women’s History Museum – Women’s History
  • American Association of State and Local History (AASLH) – State and Local History
  • iCivics – Education and Civics
  • More Perfect – Democracy Building
  • National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) – American Indian and Alaska Native Relations
  • Points of Light – Volunteering

“I’m thrilled to announce America250’s National Resource Partners – an unparalleled group of expert organizations that will help ensure this historic milestone reaches millions across the globe,” said America250 Chair, Rosie Rios. “We’re grateful to our new partners for leveraging their expertise and networks – from international diplomacy and women’s history to education, civics, democracy building, and more – to build on and expand America250’s upcoming programs and initiatives. America250 is proud to welcome our new partners whose insight and leadership will be crucial in orchestrating the largest, most inclusive commemoration and celebration in American history.”

“Meridian is proud to be part of the America250 campaign, expanding the initiative to share the American story beyond our borders,” said Natalie Jones, Executive Vice President of Meridian. “We look forward to collaborating with our diplomatic partners to celebrate the people-to-people connections that define our nation and celebrate the shared values, traditions, and cultural bonds that unite us.”

“We’re honored and excited to join America250 as their National Resource Partner for Women’s History,” said Frédérique Irwin, president and CEO of the National Women’s History Museum. “American women’s history is American history. It is a privilege to join America250 to amplify the diverse and intersectional stories, contributions, and accomplishments of American women, past and present, and to highlight the pivotal role women have always played throughout our nation’s history.”

“We are excited to be supporting America’s more than 21,000 local, state, and national history organizations as they use this anniversary to share our whole American history and help all people see how their stories fit in,” said John R. Dichtl, AASLH’s president and CEO. “The 250th will help us all use history to explore our country’s historical and ongoing effort to become a more perfect union.”

“iCivics is proud to be the civic education partner for America250. As we celebrate the 250th anniversary of this country’s audacious experiment in self-governance, we must redouble our efforts to inspire a passion for civic life and learning,” iCivics Chief Executive Officer Louise Dubè said. “As an organization, iCivics works to make the classroom a center for teaching each new generation the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that our citizens will need for the next 250 years and beyond.”

“America’s 250th is a time for celebration and reflection, but it is also a time for action — to renew the promise of our country and work together to realize a more perfect union,” said John Bridgeland, Co-Chair and CEO of More Perfect, an historic alliance of 33 Presidential Centers, National Archives Foundation, American Academy of Arts & Sciences, Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Karsh Institute of Democracy at the University of Virginia, Society of Presidential Descendants and more than 100 partners working to advance five foundational Democracy Goals.  “We are thrilled to join America 250 in marking this historic occasion and look forward to being a resource to the American people on advancing and strengthening democracy in their own communities.”

“As we approach America’s 250th anniversary, it is crucial to acknowledge the enduring contributions and sacrifices of Native American Peoples. From the earliest foundations of this nation, Native American knowledge, leadership, and resilience have played an integral role in shaping its course. Currently, Native American People continue to enrich our nation with cultural knowledge and contemporary wisdom in a multitude of disciplines. As the oldest, largest and most representative national Native American organization, the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) is honored to collaborate with America 250. Our partnership aims to foster diplomacy and strengthen Tribal Sovereignty during this momentous celebration,” said Greg Masten, NCAI Foundation President.

“Volunteering and service are core to our nation’s fabric and essential to meeting and solving the complex challenges faced by communities all over the country,” said Jennifer Sirangelo, president and CEO of Points of Light. “We know that volunteering impacts the individual, community and our society. Points of Light is excited to join America 250 as the volunteer and service national resource partner to galvanize volunteers to meet critical community needs, as well as shine a spotlight on the incredible volunteers all over our country.”

This announcement comes as America250 continues to roll out tentpole programs and partnerships in the lead-up to the Semiquincentennial. In the past year alone, America250 has:

  • Launched America’s Invitation, a national public engagement effort inviting all Americans to share their stories, reflections on the past, and hopes and dreams for the future.
  • Announced America’s Field Trip — a nationwide scholastic contest with awardees receiving behind-the-scenes experiences at iconic American historical and cultural sites.
  • Partnered with local leaders and organizations to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, the first of many locally-driven, grassroots events that America250 will support in partnership with states and territories across the country.
  • Announced new collaborations with BNY Mellon, Nextdoor, YWCA, and Walmart.