America250 Rolls Out National Programming ‘playbook’ For America’s 250th As Millions Come Together To Celebrate July 4th

Programs to serve as core of national efforts in leadup to July 4, 2026, built to educate, engage and unite
“We’re the antidote to division, a chance to celebrate and participate in creating a more perfect union.”

Washington, D.C. – America250, the official nonpartisan entity charged by Congress with planning the 250th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, today announced its national tentpole programs — a full suite of initiatives, events and opportunities for national fellowship that will serve as the nationwide programming efforts to commemorate and celebrate the Semiquincentennial. These include programs recently launched within the past year, as well initiatives launching later this year through 2026.

“As Americans across the country come together with family and friends to celebrate the Fourth of July, I’m thrilled to announce America250’s national tentpole programs – an exciting suite of national initiatives, events and opportunities for national fellowship that will help this historic milestone reach allAmericans across the country,” said America250 Chair, Rosie Rios. “Now more than ever, programs like these can bring Americans together and remind us all that there’s much more that unites us than divides us. We’re the antidote to division, a chance to celebrate and participate in creating a more perfect union. Today’s announcement of this amazing suite of new America250 tentpole programs shows how we are continuing to build incredible momentum, expand our reach and engage even more Americans on the road to creating the largest, most inclusive commemoration and celebration ever in American history.”

Today’s announcement highlights the following tentpole programs, which support America250’s work to engage, educate, and unite Americans from sea to shining sea:

  • America’s Invitation: A unique opportunity for Americans to share their stories and their hopes and dreams for the future of our country. Together, these stories create a portrait of America at 250 years. Launched: Summer 2023.

  • America’s Field Trip: A multi-year contest that invites students in grades 3-12 to submit artwork, videos, and essays, answering the question, “What does America mean to you?” for the chance to receive unique experiences at iconic American historical and cultural sites. Supported by America’s Field Trip founding sponsor, BNY. Next round launching: Fall 2024.

  • Our American Story: A national effort to compile an oral and visual history and understanding of the United States, supported by America250 founding sponsor, Walmart. Launching a call for nominations on July 3, 2024.
  • America Gives: A multi-year, year-round effort focused on charitable giving, volunteer service, and public service – which includes military service. Through this effort, America250 will create a legacy of service beyond 2026. Supported by America250 founding sponsor, Walmart.

  • America’s Culture: An opportunity to showcase American art forms, creative expressions, and cultural touchstones, and increase access to and awareness of the arts in America.

  • America Innovates: A traveling tech expo that will display America’s greatest innovations and our aspirations for the future, asking the next generation of creators what innovations they want to create that will be critical for the next 250 years.

  • America Waves: A unique way to create moments for all Americans to come together with their communities, wave their American flags, celebrate America’s 250th, and honor the contributions of those who brought us to where we are today.

  • Time Capsule: A collaboration involving all 50 states, five territories and the District of Columbia to collect items for a time capsule to be buried in Philadelphia on July 4, 2026.

  • July 4th 2026 Activations: A national celebration in Washington, DC, and across the country on July 4, 2026, in which we will partner with established groups who host legacy July 4th events and parade organizers at the state and local levels.

America250 tentpole programs already launched include America’s Invitation – which provides an opportunity for Americans nationwide to record short videos sharing what America means to them. America’s Field Trip is another major tentpole program that recently launched, creating a new national contest inviting students across the country in grades 3–12 to share their perspectives on what America means to them and earn the opportunity to participate in unforgettable field trip experiences at some of the nation’s most iconic historic and cultural landmarks. And today, as a prelude to the Our American Story program aiming to compile an oral history of the United States, America250 released a new video inviting Americans across the country to nominate everyday people and unsung heroes in their lives whose stories they want to see told.

This comes at a special time for the country as millions of Americans come together to celebrate the Fourth of July.

America250 focuses on a multi-year, national public awareness and engagement effort to reach Americans in every corner of the country. These initiatives will be executed closely with federal, state, local, and private sector partners. Additionally, states and territories nationwide are planning grassroots programming to ensure that this historic milestone meets all Americans where they are.