As we draw closer to our nation’s 250th anniversary in 2026, I find myself reflecting on America’s rich tapestry of history, culture, and breathtaking landscapes. Growing up in an immigrant family, the vastness of our country, from the historical depths of the USS Constitution in Boston to the natural majesty of the California Redwoods, always filled me with wonder. These early experiences instilled in me a profound appreciation for our diverse heritage. As a mother, sharing these wonders with my children became a mission driven by the belief that they, and all our children, are the custodians of our future. They deserve every opportunity to connect with our nation’s story, to explore, question, and discover what America means to them.

It is from this place of hope and commitment to our future that America250 is proud to announce America’s Field Trip. This is a nationwide call to action for our youth to dive into the heart of our collective journey toward the Semiquincentennial. America’s Field Trip is an opportunity for our children to answer the question, “What does America mean to you?” and engage with this major milestone for our country.

America's Field Trip Launch Video

First-prize awardees in 3rd to 12th grade will be provided with special field trip experiences to embark on educational journeys to some of the most iconic museums, landmarks, and natural wonders our country has to offer—from the historic corridors of the Smithsonian in Washington, DC, to the serene vistas of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, and the immersive experience of the American Village in Alabama. These field trips are designed to encompass a broad spectrum of American life and history, accessible to elementary through high school student awardees.

I am particularly moved by the inclusion of destinations like the Golden Gate Bridge and the Statue of Liberty—landmarks that echo the immigrant experience and resonate deeply with families like mine. Each trip promises to be an enlightening exploration of our nation’s heritage, values, and the natural beauty that binds us together. I look forward to sharing in some of these journeys and witnessing firsthand the wonder and curiosity they inspire in our students awardees.

My heartfelt thanks go to organizations who collaborated with us, including Founding Sponsor The Bank of New York Mellon (BNY), along with the National Park Service (NPS), Smithsonian Institution, Library of Congress, National Archives, American Village, and Discovery Education, whose invaluable support is bringing America’s Field Trip to life. As we gear up for 2026, my hope is this program grows and expands to reach every corner of our nation, touching the lives of countless students and teachers.

Teachers and students, this is your invitation to be a part of history. For details on how to enter America’s Field Trip and make your mark on this historic celebration, please visit Our website offers resources for educators to bring history alive in the classroom and for students to learn about our nation’s past, present, and future firsthand.

Wishing everyone an adventurous and enlightening journey into the heart of America!


Rosie Rios

Chair, America250