As we near 250 years of American history, America250 is proud to celebrate and uplift the invaluable contributions of Black Americans throughout the history of the United States. The indelible impact of the Black community is woven deeply into the fabric of our nation’s story through its legacy of resilience, innovation, determination, and courage.

During Black History Month, it is essential for all of us to reflect and honor the Black change-makers who have reshaped American history and recognize the need to celebrate their stories year-round. In consistently challenging the status quo, championing justice and equality with unwavering determination, their stories epitomize the spirit that has driven our nation’s progress. As Chair of America250, I am committed to amplifying these voices, showcasing the extraordinary influence one person can have in shaping our nation’s destiny.

In our era, figures like Coco Gauff, Jeffrey Wright, and Toni Morrison further this legacy, inspiring new generations to pursue their dreams and continue breaking barriers. They follow in the footsteps of trailblazers like the Harlem Hellfighters, the pioneering African American flight attendants who broke racial barriers in the aviation industry, and C.R. Patterson & Sons, the only African American automobile company that exemplified innovation and entrepreneurship against formidable odds.

America250 is committed to highlighting the triumphs and challenges of the African American experience as we approach 2026. That means not only reflecting on the struggles and achievements, but also fostering optimism and unity in envisioning a future that honors the dreams and aspirations of the next generation.

In the months and years ahead, America250 extends an invitation to all Americans to actively engage in exploring our shared history, recognize the work still ahead of us, and boldly envision a more equitable and united future. It is through understanding and celebrating the diversity and resilience of the American story that we will truly honor the essence of Black History Month.


Rosie Rios


United States Semiquincentennial Commission