“Each year, Americans come together on the 4th of July to celebrate the historic moment when the Thirteen Colonies declared their independence and set the foundation for our great nation.

This moment of shared patriotism—one that bridges politics, race, religion, and creed—binds us together. America’s shared foundation is strengthened by our diversity. Our nation is home to a rich tapestry of experiences, journeys, and personal truths—a complex and storied history deserving of glory and celebration but that also points to promises broken and work left unfinished.

Each Independence Day brings us one year closer to America’s 250th anniversary—we are now only four years away—and represents another step in our ongoing effort to build a more perfect union. As we journey closer to the semiquincentennial, America250 seeks to celebrate that spirit of relentless aspiration and continual reinvention that shapes our nation’s past, present, and future.”