Gil D.

  • San Antonio, TX

I was born in the tough, blue-collar area of San Antonio called the West Side. From the time I was ten my family would travel to the Midwest in the summer to harvest the crops that kept Americans fed: from cherries to asparagus and tomatoes to cucumbers. It was not an easy life. We lived in migrant camps, staying in everything from cinder block shacks to a large barn on the farmer's property. We survived tough weather, including snow and dust storms, and walked away from an automobile accident. Through it all, my family believed that a better day was just around the corner. And they were right. After serving in [the] Army I went to college, earned a couple of degrees, and published several books. My father was a naturalized citizen, but he loved his adopted country. We all did -- and still do. I'm glad I was born here despite the hardships


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