Darlene Cavalier

Co-Chair, American Innovation

Darlene Cavalier is a professor of practice at Arizona State University’s School for the Future of Innovation in Society and a Senior Global Futures Scientist, Julie Ann Wrigley Global Futures Laboratory at ASU.  Professor Cavalier is the founder of SciStarter (a popular citizen science portal and research platform connecting millions of people to real science they can do), founder of Science Cheerleaders (a non profit organization comprised of current and former National Football League, National Basketball Association and college cheerleaders pursuing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math careers), cofounder of ECAST: Expert and Citizen Assessment of Science and Technology and cofounder of ScienceNearMe.org.

She is a founding board member of the Citizen Science Association, an advisor and Fellow at National Geographic, a member of the Environmental Protection Agency’s National Advisory Council for Environmental Policy and Technology, and was appointed to the National Academy of Sciences “Designing Citizen Science to Support Science Learning” committee.

Cavalier is the co-editor of “The Rightful Place of Science: Citizen Science,” author of “The Science of Cheerleading,”  and co-author of the Field Guide to Citizen Science (Timber Press). Recently, the President of Arizona State University Michael Crow awarded Cavalier and her team the prestigious Medal for Social Embeddedness. She resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.