Elisha Rhodes

Interim CEO & COO

Elisha Rhodes

As YWCA USA’s Interim CEO, Elisha leads this incredible storied movement in its work to realize YWCA’s audacious and necessary mission. For the past fifteen years, Elisha has guided the organization’s strategic and operational growth, to ensure that YWCA’s mandate to eliminate racism and empower women never falters in varying capacities.

Prior to being named Interim CEO, Elisha served as YWCA USA’s COO, where she effectively stewards critical resources to support a federated network serving over 2.4 million women and girls each year. She serves as the operations, finance, strategic, and people leader of YWCA USA and provides leadership to ensure key initiatives, culture transformation, program regulations, performance outcomes, and operations are managed appropriately.

An active community member, movement builder, and change agent dedicated to centering the needs of women and girls in underserved and unprotected communities, Elisha continues to lead critical efforts to amplify YWCA USA’s mission nationally and globally. Devoted to supporting the advocacy and leadership of young women beyond her professional career, Elisha serves as board treasurer for the Black Swan Academy, a non-profit organization in the District of Columbia that concentrates its efforts on empowering Black youth through Civic Leadership and Engagement.