Elizabeth Busch

Elizabeth Kaufer Busch is the Laura and Pete Walker Professor in American Studies, Co-Director of the Center for American Studies, and Director of American Studies at Christopher Newport University. She earned a Ph.D. in political science from Michigan State University, with specializations in American Politics and Political theory. She serves on the board of directors of the Jack Miller Center for Founding American Principles and History and the Virginia Institute for American History.

Her research focuses on civic education, administrative lawmaking, and the effects that our evolving conceptions of sex, gender, and equality have on public policy. She has published articles, book chapters, and scholarly studies on these subjects. She is co-author or co-editor of Democracy Revisited: Essays on the American Regime (2009), Civic Education and the Future of American Citizenship (2012), and Title IX: The Transformation of Sex Discrimination in Education (2018). She (with William Thro) is currently working on a number of writing projects focusing on reclaiming what they term the “American Proposition” in an “Anti-Constitutional Culture.”

Busch was the recipient of the Alumni Society Award for Excellence in Teaching and Mentoring from Christopher Newport University in 2012.