James Campi

James Campi

James Campi Jr. is a 35-year political communications veteran who holds a lifelong interest in American history and historic preservation. He currently serves as Chief Policy and Communications Officer of the American Battlefield Trust, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting historic battlegrounds on American soil. In this capacity, he is responsible for overseeing government relations for the Trust and has led national campaigns to save the Gettysburg, Chancellorsville, Princeton, and Wilderness battlefields.

In addition, Jim has played a leading role in establishing the America250 Foundation, working closely with the leadership of the U.S. Semquincentennial Commission to make that body operational and create the America250 Foundation, the nonprofit partner of the Commission. He serves on the board of both the America250 Foundation and the Journey through Hallowed Ground, which promotes heritage tourism and history education in Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. As a freelance writer, he was written and contributed to several books on the Civil War. He and his wife, Jennifer, live in Northern Virginia.

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