Kay Durante

Vice President of External Engagement

Kay Durante brings a wealth of experience and strategic leadership to her role as Vice President of External Engagement at America250.org, Inc. Ms. Durante’s journey with America250 began in April of 2021 when she joined the Program & Planning Department, where her keen insights and strategic vision contributed to the organization’s mission of commemorating and celebrating America’s 250th anniversary. In addition, Ms. Durante also served as the Deputy Chief of Staff and Director of the Office of the President, where she provided organizational management and support to the Commission. In her current role, Ms. Durante works collaboratively to forge partnerships and amplify the impact of America250 initiatives nationwide.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Ms. Durante is an active participant in her daughter’s school community, volunteering her time and expertise to support educational initiatives and enriching experiences for students. This involvement underscores her belief in the importance of education and community engagement at all levels.